Hexagonal Engineering
Diffusion  - hexagonal reversible cellular automata (Java applet)
[HexHAL]  - hexagonal version of [HAL] (Java applet)
[Revoworms]  - hexagonal reversible self-reproducing worms (Java applet)
TotalHex  - simple totalistic hexagonal cellular automata (Java applet)
[Crystal growth]  - simulated crystal growth (Java applet) (ATOMS)
Particles  - simulated gas particle collisions (Java applet)
Rectangular map  - living in a rectangular world (Java applet)
Ocean reclamation  - using the water surface
Honeycomb  - the sagacity of the bees
Compound eyes  - nature's optical technology
Geodesic domes  - see [http://hexdome.com/]
Links  - hexagonal engineering links

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