Hexagonal to rectangular mapping

Hexagonal modellers have to live in a world dominated by a rectangular mindset - and it can be necessary to use rectangular modelling tools.

Fortunately, there is a simple isomorphism between the hexagonal grid and the rectangular one.

The following Java applet is intended to demonstrate this mapping, by providing a visual representation that morphs from a hexagonal grid to a rectangular one, and back again.

Unfortunately, your browser does not support Java.
A Java applet is the central focus of this page.
You're encouraged to try again using a Java-aware browser.

Drag the slider on the right to morph between hexagonal and rectangular styles.

The applet should be fairly self-explanatory - after examining it you should be able to generate hexagonal models using rectangualr tools.

Sometimes an "interlaced" mode is used - with alternating rows being moved in opposite directions.

Note that a similar mapping is available for those working with triangular grids.

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