TotalHex - Totalistic hexagonal cellular automata

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A version of this applet using Sun's Java plug-in is available here.


This applet displays a number of totalistic hexagonal rules.

By default it displays the parity rule (also known as "Fredkin's rule). This rule displays a "trivial" self-replication property.

Other rules include Slow crystal - an automata that grows somewhat like a crystal, preserving the structure of fault lines as it grows.

The automaton uses the Honeycomb neighbourhood.

Interactive controls

The applet is interactive, allowing you to apply selection based on organisms visual characteristics using a variety of implements.

  • Rule - Choose the totalistic update rule employed;
  • Use - tool selection - controls which type of tool to use to manipulate the environment;
  • Click to - set the tool's behavior - controls how the tool in use is applied;
  • Display - controls which aspect of the automata is presented;
  • Size - controls how many cells are displayed, and their size;
  • Show - configures how frequently the display is updated;
  • Delay - configures how much delay occurs between frame updates;
  • Radiation - causes random deletions;
  • Mutation - causes random modifictions to the organisms;
  • Step - allows a paused automata to be single-stepped;
  • Pause - allows the automata to be stopped and started;
  • Clear - completely blank all the universe's cells;
  • Randomise - configure all cells randomly;
  • Restart - resets the universe to its initial configuration;


This applet can also be run as an application. Download this jar file (using shift-click) and double-click on it.
Source code is available - with a "no-restrictions" license. Download this zip file.

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