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Cellular Automata

Collidoscope - George Maydwell
Collidoscope gallery - George Maydwell
SARCASim 2 - George Maydwell
Hexagonal neighbourhood gallery - George Maydwell
A hexagonal life variant - Hexatron
Hexagonal Cellular Automata - "Experiments with Inanimate Life"
Snowflakes and Spirals on the Hexagonal Lattice - by Ramiro Perez
Paul Callahan's life-like hexagonal rule
A study of hexagonal life - Howard Gutowitz
2D Hexagonal Reversible Partitioned Cellular Automata - PDF document
Simple Hexagonal CA - Java applet
Stephen Wolfam's Snowflake CA - Java applet
Triangular "Life-like" CA - Java applet

Hexagonal neighbourhoods

http://cell-auto.com/ have a neighbourhood survey - and a cellular automata links page.

Triangular work

Computation universal 2D Triangular Reversible Partitioned Cellular Automata
2D Triangular Reversible Partitioned Cellular Automata - PDF document
Strange Universe - by Keith Wiley

Close packing

Thomas C. Hales
Face-centered cubic structure
Close Packing of Identical Spheres
Mathematics `Proves' What the Grocer Always Knew - Simon Singh article
Sphere packings, lattices and groups - the sphere-packing book
John Conway on packing - a postscript excerpt from "Sphere packings, lattices and groups"
A Study in Sphere Packing - by Kirby Urner
The Quadray Papers
Sphere packing studies
Synergetic Crystalography
www.fluidiom.com - includes Tensegrity article
Optimal Packing Of Circles And Spheres
Packing Circles in Squares and Circles Page - Jerry Donovan
An "Optimal Packing" page...
The Rhombic Dodecahedron page - at Wolfram research
Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron page - at Wolfram research

Tiling and tesselation

"One-Corona - a collection of Java applets illustrating tiling patterns
A One-Corona Hexagonal tiling applet


Sacred Geometry - home page
The Pavilion of Polyhedreality - by George W. Hart
Hexagonal Lattice - written by Paul Bourke

Buckminster Fuller

Richard Buckminster Fuller Links

The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ
BFI - the Buckminster Fuller Institute
Buckminster Fuller References - by Chris Fearnley

Geodesic Domes Links

Programming with hexagonal grids

Index of game programming with hexagonal grids - by Amit Patel
Hex Grids - by Clark Verbrugge
Pixel Coordinates to Hexagonal Coordinates - by Amit Patel
Hexagonal Coordinates, Distances, and Angles - Paul J. Gyugyi
Hexagonal Coordinates - by Charles Fu



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